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UaRms Trek Tactical Protective Carbon Fiber Helmet



New size (X-Large: 59cm-62cm) now available for pre-order

HK$ 3200

Brand New

New size (X-Large: 59cm-62cm) now available for pre-order, order now and be the first to receive/collect your helmet in first batch of shipment.

UaRms Trek Tactical Carbon Fiber Helmet (Multi-Colorway)

Carbon fiber, a composite material known for its high strength, durability, high temperature tolerance, and ultra-lightweight comparing to metal.  Made of high quality carbon fiber, the UaRms Trek Tactical Carbon Fiber Helmet offers all around protection against corrosion, shocking, electrical conductivity, and fire.

With carbon fiber composition, UaRms's helmet provides a lighter and less bulky but more durable option than most helmets made from metal, making it a perfect protection gear suitable for training, operation, or activities taking place in extreme environment.

Features & Specification:
Made in Ukraine
Meet standards EN 1385: 1997, EN 12492: 2002, & EN 397-2012
Carbon fiber composition
Ultra-high durability and lightweight
Waterproof and fire-resistant layers on the outer side
Anti-glare coating
Shock-absorbing system
Compatible with ballistic masks, tactical goggles, night vision gears, headphones, radio headsets, gas mask, or respirator
Side railing system for external gears attachment
Inner pads for different head circumference

Size (For reference only):
Large (head circumference: 54.5cm-58.5cm): limited stock available
X-Large (head circumference: 59cm-62cm): now accepting pre-order

Coming Soon!