GearAid® Bug Mesh Patch Kit
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Gear Aid


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GearAid® Bug Mesh Patch Kit
Handy Patches To Keep the Bugs Out

Keep the bugs out with this handy patch kit. The Bug Mesh Patch Kit by Gear Aid includes two 3" pre-cut Tenacious Tape mesh repair patches to cover up any small hole or tear at home or in the field. Safe for use on bug netting, mesh or no-see-um screens; they’re easy to use. Just position the mesh, then peel and stick the Tenacious Tape ring.

Add the Bug Mesh Patch Kit to your camping repair kit and bring it with you anywhere.

Patch holes and tears smaller than 2-3 in mesh and no-see-um netting
Easy at home or in the field repair, just peel and stick
Includes two 3 pre-cut Tenacious Tape™ mesh repair patches
Tenacious Tape adhesive ensures a strong bond


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