Dutch Army Tanker Coveralls【Woodland Camo】
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Dutch Army Tanker Coveralls【Woodland】

The Dutch Army Tanker Coveralls are an extremely advanced pair of coveralls suitable for any mechanics duties, job site, or construction area. In addition to providing full coverage over your street clothes, the coveralls are made from Aramid fibers to provide full flame resistance. These protective characteristics ensure that your exposure to risk from things like flammable materials or fuel spills is greatly reduced.  In any modern garage, construction site, or other heavy work environment the risk from exposure is high so wearing these coveralls is a good safety choice.

Sizes (For Reference Only):

50 (6080/9000): suitable for height 180cm (Shoulder+Sleeve: 83cm, Chest: 130cm, Waist: 112cm)
56 (8000/9505): suitable for height 190cm (Shoulder+Sleeve: 88cm, Chest: 135cm, Waist: 112cm)

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